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Content Managers

All Departments and associated Organizations now have at least one designated Content Manager from each unit of work, selected from among its personnel who are willing and capable of handling and managing content. Identifying Content Managers is a pre-requisite to Website Implementation. They are the key to good, updated, relevant and precise content of the Department website.


  • For website content management
  • To provide sustainability to the website content management


A Content Manager will ideally be personnel in the Department and its organizations who directly deals with the subject matters and identify content of their respective work. Content Managers need not have IT skills. They should be able to identify an dprovide relevant content. Training will be provided for uploading the content.


Rank is NOT a criteria. They could be Joint Secretary, Deputy Secretary, Under Secretary, Section Superintendent, Assistants.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Ensure that content from all areas of work within the Department was covered
  • Identify and Classify content into categories
  • Submit to Webmaster for review
  • Ensure that content is delivered to the developmental agency in the correct format
  • Responsible for accuracy, timeliness and quality of content uploaded

Workshop for Content Managers 1:

The session is for the following purpose:

  • To Establish the Content Readiness in the department by following Toolkits 1 and 2
  • To identify content from each unit of the Department
  • To categorize the content

The expected results are:

  • User ad User Needs identification
  • Content identified and grouped
  • Form the Responsibility Matrix
  • Content Categorized as per Target Group. Categorizing and grouping of content is very important at this stage. Having few content categories which are grouped and categorised in an optimum and manner will enable the user to locate the information in the minimum possible time
  • Place the outcome to PSC for approval

Workshop for Content Managers 2

 The session is for the following purpose:

  • To establish the Website IA for the Department according to Toolkit 3
  • To take a look at various websites (National and global) and imbibe the best

The expected results are:

  • Develop a wireframe of the site map putting themselves in the shoes of the user
  • Draft Site IA

Website content Responsibility Matrix

Content Managers have to take the content through a workflow process before it is published on the website. The basic content workflow would be: Content Creation, Moderation (Review), Publishing and Archiving. The workflow of each type of content will be decided by the Department. For each area of content, the Department will have to notify the responsibility in the Content Management Responsibility Matrix with respect to Content Authoring, Publishing and Review.

ToolKit 6 has to be followed.

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