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Government Of Assam Secretariat Administration Eprastuti

Standardized Website Framework

A Standardized Website Framework (SWF) has been developed under the ePrastuti programme to bring uniformity to Government of Assam websites. It will establish a single, unifying Standard Web Platform for websites of websites of all Government Departments. The SWF will include:


Objectives and Benefits of SWF

1. Establishment of a single, unified web platform for the Government of Assam. This will

  • Provide links to Standardized websites of all Government Departments in one web portal
  • Give seamless web experience across all Government websites
  • Provide all services and information in one place

2. Setting benchmarks in service delivery and enforcing standardization by

  • All information dessimination in a standard format
  • All services to be made available from Government of Assam Web Portal (GoAWP)
  • All services to be made available through the Department websites as far as possible

2. Increasing colloration and participation of citizens by

  • Integreting the platform with socal media tools
  • Inviting ideas and suggestions
  • Setting up Feedback Forums, Polls and Online Consultation