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Government Of Assam Secretariat Administration Eprastuti

Implementing a Standardized Website

There are four phases of implementation.

Phase 1: Plan

This phase is of two weeks duration approximately and includes:   

1. Constitute the e-Prastuti Governance Structure (Project Steering Committee or PSC) at Department level.

2. Engage a website development agengy from the empanelled list.

3. Apply for government email IDs for all members of the PSC and Support Structures.

4. Apply for Domain Registration.

Phase 2: Prepare

This phase is of three weeks duration approximately and includes:

1. Award the work to selected Web Development Agency

2. Content Managers Workshop

3. Content Readiness

4. Content Responsibility Matrix to be defined

5. Master Trainers Certification Programme

Phase 3: Implement

This phase is of eight weeks duration approximately and includes:

1. Website configuration with bilingual support and SWF guidelines

2. Uploading of content

3. User Testing by hosting website on staging server

4. Quality audits for functionality, performance and usability

5. Sign-off from Website Development Cell

6. Exit Management including security and quality audit of site, Final release of website, Training of Webmasters, Content Managers and Master trainers

Phase 4: Post-Implementation

This is a continuous phase and includes:

1. Management and regular reviews of the website

2. Regular update and checking of content

3. Regular quality checks and audits

4. Monitoring feedback and taking corrective action