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Government Of Assam Secretariat Administration Eprastuti

Standard Templates

To bring uniformity to the look and functions of Government of Assam websites, certain pre-designed templates have been designed. These Standard Templates maintain the regularity in all the Government Websites and should be adhered to while implementing websites.

To download the Standard Templates, click the links below:

ePrastuti About Us Template33.85 KBswf-image
ePrastuti Contact Us Template254.65 KBswf-image
ePrastuti Right Navigation Template36.22 KBswf-image
ePrastuti Schemes34.27 KBswf-image
ePrastuti Services Template98.73 KBswf-image
ePrastuti Citizen Charter33.63 KBswf-image
ePrastuti Main slider0 bytesswf-image
Standard Templates