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Guidelines & Best Practices

All websites of the Government of Assam will follow a set of guidelines regarding design, development and implementation. These include:

  • All Government websites to be developed around the Standardized Website Framework (SWF)
  • All Government websites to adhere to the basic principles of Openness and Transparency and all information and data of Government Departments that are required to be made public will be made available through the websites
  • All information on Government websites shall be checked for accuracy and authenticity regularly
  • All Government Department officials concerned with website management will undergo regular capacity-building exercises
  • Each Departments and its associated organizations to have a single, integrated website
  • All common information and data to be shared across all Departments reducing redundancy and overlap of work
  • Each website to be fully owned by the respective Department
  • Each Department will have its own plan to maintain the website with respect to:
    # Content Updation
    # Management of Website
    # Obtaining periodic feedback from users and using this data
  • Due permission should be obtained without fail for all images and information protected by copyright before publishing any such data.

Guidelines for development of Government websites under ePrastuti:

Guidelines for Indian Government websites can be downoaded here:

Indian Government websites (Compliance matrix)25.14 KBswf-image
Guidelines for Government Websites45.5 KBswf-image
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