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Why Standardization of Websites?

The official websites can be said to be the face of the Government. ePrastuti Project for Standardization of Government Websites has been initiated to give a uniform look and structure to all websites of the various Government Departments. All these will then be inter-connected under a larger umbrella. This makes it very easy and convenient for people from all walks to access information and avail services from the various departments.


1. Transparency and Openness through easy access and filing of 

  • RTI, Grievances, Tenders
  • Status of applications
  • Citizen-centric information and services

2. Open Architecture and Standards with technology neutrality based on Standard Portal and Portal Component Standards.

3. Reduce redundancy by ensuring that all information and data are shared by various Departments via a common source.

4. Reusabily and greater participation of citizens via social media, feedbacks, polls, ideas and suggestions



  • To have a single, integrated Government of Assam Portal that is connected to standardized websites for all Government Departments and sub-departments
  • To establish a Standardized Website Framework (SWF) for all Government websites based on open Architecture and standards
  • To provide simple and intuitive websites for effective use by citizens
  • To establish a single, centralized Government documents library


  • Greater participation of citizens via available polls, suggestion forums and so on.
  • Easy sharing of documents between Govenrment Departments and accessibility by citizens wherever applicable
  • Easy seamless navigation as all websites would follow similar layout and design and have standardized domain names
  • Efficient and effective online services such as online filling of applications or tenders
  • Common data can be easily reused by different Departments thus saving time and money