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Scan Documents


  • All documents that need to be uploaded should be scanned
  • Documents are bst scanned in optimum dpi (100 dpi) unless specified otherwise according to guidelines


To ensure transparency and easy accessibility, a number of documents are being uploaded on to Government Department websites that can be easily downloadable at the user's end. To ensure this , any document that has to be uploaded on a Government of Assam website has to be converted to electronic format by scanning.

Process Flow:

  • Collection of document in electronic form or in hard copy
  • Convert each document into required electronic format
  • Submission in electronic format to website development agency for uploading or later uploading by the Department content managers.

Eligibility Criteria:

The Content Manager will be the person primarily responsible. The eligibility criteria include:

  • Any personnel of the respective Department who is willing and capable of handling content
  • Rank is NOT important, Can be Joint Director to Assistant, anyone.
  • Directly deals with the subject matters and can identify content of their respective work.


Scanning is to be done as per the following settings:

Document type/Condition DPI/Colour
Regular text 100 dpi Black & White (B/W)
Text with images 300 dpi Grayscale
Very damaged/Tarnished/Clouded 450 dpi Black & White (B/W)
Seriously damaged/Tarnished/Clouded 600 dpi Black & White (B/W)
Documents with Photographs 600 dpi Grayscale/Colour

Documents Required:

Whom to Contact:

Deepsankar Das
IT Consultant,
State e-Governance Mission Team,
Information Technology Department,
Assam Secretariat
Block-C, 2nd Floor, Dispur
Guwahati-781006, Assam