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Get a Govt. Email


  • An official Government email is to be used for official purposes.
  • The given userid and password should be kept secret and password should be changed at least every three months.
  • A personal firewall software is to be installed to secure the machine and e-mail traffic.
  • For better security, choose a strong password with mixed characters. 
  • An Antivirus software with latest pattern should be installed and updated periodically.
  • If using Outlook, Outlook Express, Mozilla Firefox on Microsoft WINDOWS, the appropriate patches announced from time to time should be applied.
  • User is responsible for his/her data.
  • Bulk e-Mail creation form is to be used in cases where large number of users in a department are to be created.
  • For all department communications, the designation based email can be used so that email id can be retained for the department use even on his transfer from GAD to a new department.


An official government email account is necessary for all official communication. This filtrs your mail, keeping you safe from any

Process Flow:

  • The official form should be filled in by the Head of the Department on behalf of the employees
  • Details to be sent in a separate excel sheet
  • The scanned signed form along with the excel file can be sent to wdc.assam@gov.in with a copy to sio-asm@nic.in.

Eligibility Criteria:

The person applying for a government email must:

  • Be a bonafide Government Employee
  • Must be in a rank that rquires an official email id

Guidelines for filling the form:

Step 1: The first page of the Bulk Creation form is to be completed, duly signed with seal.

Step 2:

  • The email-id can be either Name-based or Designation-based. Both can be ticked in case officials are going for both Name Based and Designation Based id in the same form.
  • Details of eMail ids applied for are to be entered only in EXCEL format. The order of the fields also should be the same as in the format below:
  • Departments are also advised to apply for one generic Department eMail id. While applying for a department specific email, details of all fields should be entered. This eMail can be applied by any official in the Department, however, the details of the official applying for this generic email id has to be entered against this email id.
  • All fields in the table are mandatory, except 'Date of Birth'. Date format should be dd-mm-yyyy.
  • Mobile number is mandatory. Very often this is missed out by applicants.
  • The column 6. of page 1 of the form 'NIC E-mail address of the applicant' though mandatory, if not available please write 'Not available'.
  • Signature with seal is necessary in both the pages of the form.


There is no registration fee

Documents Required:

How to apply:

The Head of the Department is to send the scanned form and excel sheet to wdc.assam@gov.in with a copy to sio-asm@nic.in.

The signed copy of the physical form can be submitted to:

Shri Tapan Gogoi
Website Development Cell
CM006, Ground Floor, CM Block

Type of Service:

The form has to be downloaded (given below), scanned and sent by email. As of now, it is not an online service.

Forms to be filled:

Email Request Form (Individual)

Email Request Form (Bulk)

Whom to Contact:

For any queries regarding email creation, you may contact:

Tapan Gogoi
Technical Director, NIC
Phone: +91-8011060019

Abhinash Dutta
Consutant, SeMT
Phone: +91-8134044314