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Gather User Needs


  • Users should relate to and be able to use the data
  • User-centric data will ensure optimum use and revisit by users
  • Understanding the user should be the starting point
  • User behaviour will depend to a large extent on theri socio-economic profile
  • Interviewing 7-10 users is usually sufficient to get a list of user expectations
  • Primary audience should be the main focus
  • Users with special needs should be always kept in mind


Interviews with the end user or target audience will help understand the user and the kind of information they are seeking in your website. While interviewing, a strong preferance should be given to the primary target audience but at the same time, it is important to select a variety of interviewees from each target segment to get the best reliable sampling. Interviewing seven to ten users will give a fair sampling.


Process Flow:

1. First, collect general information from each interviewee:

  • Name
  • Profession/Role (citizen, business, reporter, student, etc)
  • Location
  • Geographic Profile (whether from rural, suburban, urban background)
  • Education
  • Type of device used for Internet access (Desktop, Laptop, PDA, Cell phone, etc)
  • Web Browsers used
  • Type of Internet connection

2. Second, ask about reasons for visiting your website:

  • What information does the user seek?
  • Are only certain areas of the website needed? Which?
  • What impression does the user want to exiting the website?
  • What does the user like about the existing website?
  • What frustrates the user in the present website?
  • Does the user understand the content well?

After doing this exercise, create data sheets for each interview. Then seperate data sheets according to user categories. These will give you common as well as specific needs of the end user.

Eligibility Criteria:

The Content Manager will be the person primarily responsible. The eligibility criteria include:

  • Any personnel of the respective Department who is willing and capable of handling content
  • Rank is NOT important. Can be any able person from Joint Director to Assistant.
  • Directly deals with the subject matters and can identify content of their respective work.


Activity 2 of Toolkit 1 should be followed.

Documents Required:

Whom to Contact:

Deepsankar Das
IT Consultant,
State e-Governance Mission Team,
Information Technology Department,
Assam Secretariat
Block-C, 2nd Floor, Dispur
Guwahati-781006, Assam