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Finalize Website Content


  • Good Quality and up-to-date content can be the singlemost important factors for a succesful website.
  • Content planning and its readiness is extremely crucial and has to be achieved as per ToolKit 2.
  • Departments are required to identify their target audience.
  • Based on their audience, departments will identity, classify and categorize the content.
  • The workshops and sessions and mandatory for each Content Manager and Master Trainer.


Content Manager workshops and Master Trainer sessions are organized for each Department to identity, classify and categorize content based on the target audience. It is a step-by-step approach where a series of these sessions are organized for each department. 

Process Flow:

A step-by-step process of these sessions/workshops are:


First list all content and then group them under the two heads of 'Information' and 'Services'. There are various activities in ToolKit 2 to help you do this.

Documents Needed:

Toolkit 2

Whom to Contact:

Deepsankar Das
IT Consultant,
State e-Governance Mission Team,
Information Technology Department,
Assam Secretariat
Block-C, 2nd Floor, Dispur
Guwahati-781006, Assam