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Conduct Workshops


  • Workshop can be for Content Managers, Master Trainers, orientation, wireframe and so on
  • There will be different pre-Requisites for each workshop
  • Material for distribution or filling in should be ready in suitable number
  • Department will need to organize the venue for the workshop
  • Computer and Projection System will be required for the presentation


A workshop is a platform where members of WDC, the Department and the Web Developing Agency meet. There is interchange of ideas and learning takes place. All formats of the various workshops are available in the ePrastuti Handbook, esp in the ToolKits.

Process Flow:

  • All Participants are to be informed in advance.
  • WDC or the web developing agency to take the participants through the required instructions and guidelines
  • Worksheets and activities if any to be completed by the participants
  • The organisers to collect the material and give a summary

Eligibility Criteria:

All Department personnel who are concerned with the matter at hand along with members from WDc and the concerned web developing agency.


Please follow the required format from the ePrastuti Handbook. Some sample guidelines are given below.

Documents Required:

  • Copies of activity sheets to be filled or any such forms, etc
  • The appropriate ToolKit or any information directly related to the workshop

Whom to Contact:

For any queries regarding workshops, you may contact:

  • Anuradha Barua
  • Scientist-C, NIC Assam
  • email : asm-anuradha@nic.in
  • Aziza Yasmin
  • Scientist-B, NIC Assam
  • email : aziza.yasmin@nic.in
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