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Master Trainers

The WDC is developing Master Trainers from within the Departments to manage websites and content who will, in turn, further train the Department officials. Every Department will have two officials as Master Trainers. Master Trainers will be trained and retrained every six months to adapt them with the nitty-gritties of web technicalities so that the project remains sustainable.


• For website management
• To impart training to other Department personnel
• To provide sustainability to the website content management


Any Department staff with an aptitude for training the other Department personnel on website content management.


Rank is not the criteria for selecting Master Trainers.

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Instrumental in providing continuous training to the Department
  • Ensure coordination between Department and Web Developing Agencies
  • Ensure that content is updated and authentic along with the Content Manager

Master Trainers Certification Programme:

The Master Trainers' training is for a duration of three and a half days. It covers the following broad areas:

  • User Interaction, Usability and User Experience
  • ePrastuti Introduction, Standardization Need and Methodologies
  • Standardized Website Framework, Website Management, Content Management, Content Publishing, Access Management and Archiving
  • Web Authoring and Best Practices
  • Information Architecture, Grouping and Placement of Contents
  • Guidelines and Best Practices for Scanning and Information Management
  • Image or Photo editing

Certification Methodology:

 After the training, the Master Trainers are required to complete assignments as part of their evaluation. The assignments include:

  • Training their department staff
  • Developing questionnaires for identifying users and gathering their requirements

Evaluation Methodology:

There will be both online and written evaluation of the Master Trainers after the training. Based on their evaluation at the end of the programme, certificates (upon successful completion of Level 1) will be awarded to the Master Trainers. The next higher evaluation of Level 2 Certification Programme will be done in next six months. Those Master Trainers who do not quailify in the Certification Programme will be retrained.

Outcome & Benefits-

  • Creation of a core workbench of certified Master Trainers within the Government.
  • These Master Trainers will in turn train other officcials of Government Departments.
  • They will also be retrained every six months to keep the work force updated with new technologies.
  • Building capability within the Government and thereby ensuring the sustainability of the programme.

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