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Authoring Web content

Best Practices for Authoring Good Website Content

We must understand that a website is created not to publicise the Department but to cater to the specific needs of citizens. A website is very different from a book. Unlike reading for pleasure, a user comes to the website with some very specific needs in mind. The content of the website should therefore be short, crisp and guide the person towards his or her solution.

Two important things to remember at this stage:

  • Attention span of a website visitor is very less
  • Attention should be grabbed with useful content written in simple, attractive  and purposeful manner
  • Apart from providing immediate solution, make your website interesting and effective enough to ensure repeated visits

Guiding Principles

  • Original and Relevant: Originality in content is not only appealing and relevant, it will help your website to be ranked high in search engines
  • Accuracy: All data and content has to be verified before posting them on the website. Linked sources need to verified.
  • Eye-catching Headlines and Captions: Use headlines to draw attention to important updates or information. The text, however, should be appropriate to the context.
  • Regular Updates: Outdated content will not only reflect badly on the image of the Department but will render it useless for the users.
  • Tailored to the Target Audience: Toolkits 1 and 2 helps with identifying the Target Audience and their needs. Content should be for this audience.

Tips For Authoring Good Web Content

  • Consistency in vocabulary
  • Talk to your Audience directly in first or second person
  • Language should be clear, simple and precise
Existing website content Suggested content
The Department has to calculate its intentional goals in terms of its citizen’s base. The Department needs to define its objectives for the citizens.
This mission of this project is to give enough space to people so that they can exercise their rights and give valuable inputs into the decision-making process.    This project enables citizens to offer their feedback which will be taken into account in the decision-making process
  • Shorter is better
Existing website content Suggested content
When we will launch the scheme, the Department will organize a grand event to
ceremoniously start the opening of the scheme.
The Department will soon launch a new scheme.
Agriculture and allied activities in the state have an overriding importance as sources of livelihood to about 75% of its population and thus the socio-economic condition of Assam is largely based on agriculture development.    Almost 75% of Assam's population depends on Agriculture and thus it is vital to the socio-economic development of the state
  • Break it up
  • One webpage for one topic
  • Abbreviations or acronyms must be written in full form when it appears for the first time, and then abbreviated subsequently. However, if the short form is more popularly known and understood by the common citizens than its full form, the short form should be mentioned in the heading.
  • Inverted Pyramid of Information. Most important followed by lesser important.
  • Visual content appeals more

Common errors to be avoided

Some of the common errors which occur and can be avoided are listed below:

Incorrect content Correct content
This kind of schemes are adopted for the benefit of the general public. This kind of schemes is adopted for the benefit of the general public.
Either of the two policies are meant for the marginalised section of the society. Either of the two polices is meant for the marginalised section of the society.
One must do his duty. One must do one’s duty.
Much have been done for the public. Much has been done for the public.
The sceneries of Assam are very charming. The scenery of Assam is very charming.

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